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view: Incorrect number of fields in data line: 22|Mom|Nelson|||What fun being a part of your lives through the photos. Nice job! Missing the three of you so much and looking forward to the times when you return to the States. We love you. (Think Kaia is made for the camera! What a joy!) ||2005-02-15 1531|John|Scudder|Chicago||Chris,Thanks for the trip back to Fiori Barracks. I was stationed there 1965-66 in 557th Maint. Co. I have'nt seen the place in 40 years.Brought back memories of many formations spent between those buildings.Boy has that place changed. \n ||2006-10-13 14:50:54 Expected 8; saw 15. Possible data corruption, or perhaps you added a field to the DataSource definition but forgot to add the field to the data file itself. at /hsphere/shared/perl/Extropia/Modules/Extropia/ line 311 Extropia::View::Dispatcher::display('Extropia::View::Dispatcher=HASH(0x870bb10)', '-DATA_HANDLER_MANAGER_CONFIG_PARAMS', 'ARRAY(0x85f81e0)', '-BASIC_DATA_VIEW_NAME', 'GuestbookView', '-SIMPLE_SEARCH_STRING', '', '-CGI_OBJECT', 'CGI=HASH(0x85f89d0)', ...) called at /hsphere/shared/perl/Extropia/Modules/Extropia/ line 247 Extropia::App::_loadViewAndDisplay('-DATA_HANDLER_MANAGER_CONFIG_PARAMS', 'ARRAY(0x85f81e0)', '-BASIC_DATA_VIEW_NAME', 'GuestbookView', '-SIMPLE_SEARCH_STRING', '', '-CGI_OBJECT', 'CGI=HASH(0x85f89d0)', '-APPLICATION_LOGO_WIDTH', ...) called at /hsphere/shared/perl/Extropia/Modules/Extropia/ line 188 Extropia::App::_displayView('Extropia::App::DBApp=HASH(0x839d310)', '-RECORD_SET', 'Extropia::DataSource::RecordSet::ForwardOnly=HASH(0x86fc990)', '-INPUT_WIDGET_DEFINITIONS', 'ARRAY(0x85f88c0)', '-APPLICATION_LOGO', 'logo.gif', '-APPLICATION_LOGO_HEIGHT', 40, ...) called at /hsphere/shared/perl/Extropia/Modules/Extropia/ line 109 Extropia::App::execute('Extropia::App::DBApp=HASH(0x839d310)') called at guestbook.cgi line 391

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